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An truly entrepreneurial approach tailored to  different sitations

Seed, build & grow

I have built and invested into Tech-Startups since 1999. I love working with inspiring, talented entrepreneurs from the very early stages through to maturity. This is a win-win relationship if I can add value with my >20 years start-up experience and extensive network beyond a mere cash investment.

Special Situations

I have acquired and actively turned around businesses in special situations since 2016: 

  • Corporate Carve-Outs

  • Succession Planning

  • Turnaround / Distressed

I love building companies - and Special Situations are just another way of doing that. I believe in leveraging a strong asset, like a strong brand, technology or team - while recognising that the current trajectory of an undervalued business needs to be changed.  


I am a long-term partner for companies in all stages. I support several portfolio companies in a board or advisory board capacity or - in select cases - as external consultant for strategic challenges. From the bootstrapped start-up to public companies or PE-funds. 

Sector focus

mvc is focused on the Future of Work Tech and Education Space - in which I typically bring along a strong network of HR-Tech Angels

I also have some experience in Mobile-Apps, Sex-Tech, Craft-Beer and Travel-Tech. 

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